so i have this cat.......

......And his name is Suggs(yes named after the guy in Madness), and he is a terror! One of the craziest things to step foot on this earth since the dreaded Veloca Raptor or Ronald Mc Donald. [side note i worked at Sea World and wore the Shamu costume for a special event and got into a tussle with him for encroaching on my territory] Ok back to the cat. little story of what he did........ climbed upon a chair in the kitchen ran across the table and jumped, a wall was in the way and i could no longer see where he went. I heard a crash! ran to see what happened, he knocked over my bowl of Halloween candy all over the floor and then attempted to nibble on an Airhead. HOW RUDE, ALL HE HAD TO DO WAS ASK! 

what a little monster!

Hope everyone had a great Halloween. 



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