This little drink here makes the bad days go away, quenches my thirst and is really fun to make in Illustrator. Ok, confession I'm using CS nothing fancy, I don't even have live trace. all of the images are hand outlined, and it takes forever.

I wish for CS2, because I don't have enough ram to go big time and get CS4. its like the moment I get something in life, something new comes out to top it. I buy an XBOX and then the 360 comes out, i get my iBook G4 and well I know its been 4 years since that, but dang look at how much the new MAC's do know, its almost like I'm afraid to buy anything new just to never feel like I'm so far behind. 

film projector, record player, vintage guitars, P.F. flyers, and my old Volvo.
its like i refuse to move ahead.



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